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An Overview on Rapid Hypnosis | Rapid Fire Hypnosis

An Overview on Rapid Hypnosis

Posted on 15th August 2012 in Rapid Hypnosis Techniques
An Overview on Rapid Hypnosis

Rapid HypnosisHypnosis is a term that has long been part of our civilization and has been used in many functions. This is a form of persuasion or manipulation that when done puts the subject into a trance-like state. Every time we hear the word “hypnosis” or “hypnotism” we can’t help but picture a strange man holding a pocket watch that waves back and forth. But what we see in movies is but a 10 percent of the bigger picture and a partial of what is real and true in hypnotism.

Hypnosis or hypnotism have existed long before the dawn of time, and what we do not know is that it comes in many forms, styles and they varied according to their uses. Rapid Hypnosis is considered to be the most popular form of hypnosis in the last ten years. Rapid hypnosis induces a trance state in a short period of time mostly between 3 to 7 minutes. This type of hypnotism is widely used in stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis. In fact rapid hypnosis helps a person in relieving stress, phobia, panic attacks, lack of confidence, and pain control.

Hypnosis is not done by waving a pocket watch in front of your subject; it takes concentration and a whole lot of mind power to put your subject into a trance. And though this type of hypnotism can be done in a few minutes it is still not easy to execute. Every human has a gift of knowledge, free will, and emotions making them invincible against manipulation. However, humans also have the gift of persuasion and the gift to exceed limitation. Hypnosis is one way of exceeding knowledge and human mind. If you are curious on learning Rapid hypnosis or Instant Hypnosis Induction Techniques, read on to know the Rapid Hypnosis Techniques.

To succeed in persuading or in other words manipulating your subject you may use the confusion and overload technique. This technique is widely used but mastering these techniques can be quite hard. We all know that overload causes confusion and confusion causes overload. To successfully do this you may start giving your subject a choice while confusing them into success. This technique is ideal to use especially to persons who are overly anxious or stress or to someone who has never experienced hypnosis before.

Another technique is the use of senses by doing this the subject gets more confused and is more likely to fall into trance. But if both techniques didn’t work it might be have been because the subject is not paying any attention to what you are saying. That is why complete and full concentration is needed in this hypnosis; mastery of the human mind is also one thing to consider.

Hypnosis, if mastered, can be a powerful tool but should only be done carefully and with good intentions. Remember that no matter how good you are in hypnosis, the human mind that is sturdy and does not give up can never be out shaken. Good luck!

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